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Micro-ordered construction of cellular structures

Cellular materials, partially also called foams, are far common in nature. Many biological building materials, like for example wood, bone and many other, exhibit a cellular structure in their design.

One of these developments is the metallic hollow sphere. Today this can be manufactured in such a way that it is available in a diameter range of 1 up to 20 millimeters (this is 0,04 up to 0,79 inch). The wall thickness of these hollow spheres leaves itself from 20 µm (those are twenty millionth meters) to 2 tenths millimeters to adjust. The thickness of this hollow sphere shell reaches thus from paper strength to the strength of thin sheet metals.

The methodology of the so-called micro construction developed by LCE is an innovative base approach for setting up structural construction units from base cells, which offers an outstanding spectrum of use regarding their very good physical characteristics for lightweight constructions.

Image: Plate from cellular structures