Lösch Cellular Engineering
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Our field of activity comprises:

Micro-ordered construction of cellular structures

The enterprise LCE is located in Leoben - Austria, and deals with engineering and the manufacturing of construction units out of cellular materials. LCE stands for Lösch Cellular Engineering. Among the advantages construction units from regular cellular structures it ranks small weight, therefore they are well suitable for lightweight constructions, high strength due to the used base metals and high rigidity.


Production of prototypes

By building prototypes on the LCE HPPP (High Precisssion Pick and Place) plant, the results from the micro construction process are examined and continuously improved if necessary. Then finally the seriell production of the construction unit follows. The production of middle sized and larger series takes place always over fully automated plants in close arrangement with the respective customer.


Attempts to determine material properties

LCE has already a large data base regarding material data, as for example the Youngs modulus. These data originate from experiments which were accomplished in house and at external testing facilities using suitable samples. The LCE data base is extended constantly and represents thereby a substantial basis of the micro construction method accomplished with LCE.


Manufacture of equipment for the production of ordered cellular materials

The production of ordered cellular structures made of LCE in two different ways:
1) Manufacturing methods permitting the manufacturing of prototypes construction with reproducible quality.
2) A manufacturing plant for the automated production of construction units.


Production of components ordered from cellular structures

They exhibit a high measure of absorption against oscillations, just as a high measure of energy absorption. They are inflammable and construction units of it can be recycled, which increases the environmental compatibility compared with materials, as for example plastics, substantially. The anti-vibration characteristics of regulator hollow sphere structures are used by LCE in the sports article range for the production of tubing rods for gulf and ski sports.